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What Is a Bat Mitzvah?

Bat Mitzvah Girl and Mom

What Is a Bat Mitzvah? A common misconception is that a Bat Mitzvah is an event. That it’s something you do, like a ceremony in the synagogue or a big party with dancing and a DJ. Or maybe it’s a huge, opulent show with the Bat Mitzvah girl or the Bar Mitzvah boy as the star, like this: But a ... Read More »

Can Women Take the (Israeli) Heat?

Woman Desert Hot Sweaty

You’re at school or the office and a funny thing happens. A man gets up and turns the A/C on. Five minutes later a woman walks over and turns it off. This little pantomime routine will likely repeat a few times throughout the day. Although most of us are nodding in recognition, I was never willing to take it as ... Read More »

Birds of Israel: Birding in the Holy Land

Tristram's Grackle Starling Bird Massada Israel

WHAT IS BIRDING? Birders go out into nature (or urban nature) to find extraordinary and interesting birds. It’s a hobby that takes patience, knowledge and skill. In addition to being fun, these hobbyists help increase the base of scientific knowledge about the habits, migration patterns, and much more about the bird species they find. Also, it’s a great way to ... Read More »

Eastern Gush Etzion Day Tour

Herodion nachal Tekoa

THE ‘OTHER’ GUSH ETZION Beauty, history and adventure come together in the little known eastern half of Gush Etzion. Just a ten minute drive from Jerusalem, one drives to the edge of the desert and finds a starkly enchanting view. Here is what one can expect to see on a day tour of Eastern Gush Etzion. HERODION: BURIAL SITE OF HEROD ... Read More »