Birds of Israel: Birding in the Holy Land
Tristrams Starling by Daniel Frei on Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 2.5

Birds of Israel: Birding in the Holy Land


Birders go out into nature (or urban nature) to find extraordinary and interesting birds. It’s a hobby that takes patience, knowledge and skill. In addition to being fun, these hobbyists help increase the base of scientific knowledge about the habits, migration patterns, and much more about the bird species they find. Also, it’s a great way to connect with nature and with fellow bird lovers!


Why birding in Israel? Though Israel is a tiny country, it boasts the presence of roughly 540 bird species, more than any other non-tropical country. As the land bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa, around 1 billion (yes billion!) birds migrate through Israel every year making Israel an ideal place for long-time birders to spot rare species, and a great place for people who want to try it out to get started.


Full Tours: For the real bird obsessed, we offer entire tours based around the birds of Israel led by master birders. Other aspects of Israel such as history, religion, Zionism, etc., can be emphasized more or less according to interest.

Day Tours: For those who want a taste of birding to learn what it’s all about, we offer day tours, or days as part of a tour package where we learn a bit about identifying birds from birding experts and then go with them to the field and practice our skill. It’s a lot of fun and a great learning experience. What’s more, if you like it you can do it wherever in the world you’re going home to. There are birds and birders everywhere!

Short Activities: Any tour can easily include a short visit to one of the many birding spots all over Israel. During migration season the Hula valley, one of the densest bird migration spots in the world, is a fun visit for anyone. It’s an incredible spectacle and should not be missed by anyone who finds themselves in Northern Israel.


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