Classic Israel Tour
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Classic Israel Tour

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The Classic Israel Tour

Hit all the highlights in one fun, meaningful,  life changing experience

Don’t be ‘Just’ a Tourist

Most tours in Israel throw tons of information at you. We want you to have an experience that will change you, that will speak to your heart and be a holiday for your soul.

See it All, Experience Deeply

On our Classic Israel Tour you’ll see all the big sites combining broad exploration with deep experience. You will meet members from Israel’s diverse minorities, see holy sites, beautiful vistas and have fun adventures. We’ll take care of all the details so you can focus on what’s important.


After a long exile the Jewish people re-established themselves in a dry, inhospitable homeland, long ruled by others. How did a small dispersed people achieve this? What spiritual power drew them to work the soil and to pray at the Western Wall? On this trip you will deeply explore these themes in Jewish history, hearing stories of great loves, of revelation and battle and learn how this long history makes us who we are today.


Why do some people feel closer to God at an old wall? You may find out as you imagine yourself fulfilling the wish of untold generations of Jews who yearned for this place, placing your hand on its hallowed cracks in the beating heart of the Jewish people, Jerusalem.


From the snow-covered Hermon in the North to the camel trodden desert of the Negev and the coral rich beaches of Eilat Israel is a land rich with natural beauty. You will see Israel’s varied landscapes and have plenty of time to absorb the colors, sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of Israel.

The Next Step

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