Day Tour of Israeli Beer

Day Tour of Israeli Beer

Explore the Growing World of Israeli Micro Breweries

Day Tour of Israeli Beer

Beer Taster (Flickr: QuinnDombrowski)

You know about Israeli wines,
but what about Israeli beers?

The micro-breweries in Israel
make some of the best brews in the world winning awards in European taste tests,
and growing quickly.

Day Tour of Israeli Beer

Ella Valley, Near Srigim Brewery (Wikimedia: Plegadis)

The breweries are often in places of astonishing natural beauty accompanied by fine food and music.

On this day you will visit several breweries, taste a variety of Israel’s best beers, meet the brewers and see how it’s made, all in a friendly spirit of fun and exploration.

Because there are so many great breweries, beer tours can be organized for a day from Jerusalem, Tel Aviv or Haifa.

Contact us today for a tour. And remember:
Beer has food value, but food has no beer value.

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