Day Trips

Day Trips

A guide will take you to amazing places

A guide will take you to amazing sites, just a short drive away

Day Trips

Jerusalem: Jewish Heritage

Take a day to experience Jerusalem in depth. We will begin the day with a magnificent view overlooking of the city; this will help to orientate ourselves in this unique and very complex city.

We will start in the beginning of Jerusalem’s history – the City of David. On these streets, archaeologists found inscribed the names of figures from the Bible. We will also look upon very ancient structures, the same one our ancestors saw when they first arrived in the city. We will see how theories about 3000 year old events affect current politics.

We will descend into the 2700-year-old underground water system, exploring it by flashlight.

Then we’ll make the ascent to the Jewish Quarter and walk through its alleys, which have seen so much drama through the ages. We will walk the Roman Cardo, on to the  Hurva of Rabbi Yehuda HaChasid – the synagogue, which was rebuilt three times, each time signifying a new era of hope. Explore the southern excavations, a place where time has stood still, and see the original gates through which Jews entered the Temple area during the pilgrimage festivals.

We will go to the Western Wall, the most sacred spot in the Jewish religion. For Bat/Bar mitzvahs and other events, this can be a celebrating tour, including music, guitar and singing with the group.

Time permitting, we might be able to visit these places:

The Herodian Quarter – Enter magnificent houses of the Cohanim (priests) of the Second Temple.

The Burnt House – story of a Jerusalemite family at the time of the destruction of the temple.

The Temple Institute – meet people getting ready for the future third temple: preparing by learning, doing research, and creating vessels to be used at the temple.

Jerusalem – The Holy City

In this tour we will experience the city of Jerusalem in depth.

We will go to the Mount of Olives, which is considered in the bible as the place where god will reveal himself in the end of time… this is also where Jesus was arrested. From there we will see a panoramic view of the city and the Temple Mount.

We will continue to the old city, and visit the Davidson Archeological Center. We will walk in a 2000 year old pavement and experience its history.

We will continue to the Wailing Wall, (also known as the Western Wall or Kotel in Hebrew) the place which is the center of prayer in the Jewish tradition.

We will go on to the old city, visit the Roman Cardo, continue to the colorful market of the Muslim Quarter, with its unique vibe, smell, and tastes.

We will go along the Via-Delarosa, the way that Jesus went on the way to the cross, and we will end at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

We will see modern life in the old city, and the interesting relationships between the different religions in the Jerusalem.

A day trip to Hebron

We will visit in the Machpela double cave, where the patriarchs and the matriarchs, Abraham, Yitzchak, Jacob, Sara, Rivka and Leah, are buried. Hebron is one of the most ancient cities in the world that is still populated. Hebron was the first city that King David ruled in, before he become King of Jerusalem.

We will, continue to the Abraham Avinu Synagogue from the 16th century and hear its incredible story. We will continue to Tel-Rumeda, and see the Hebron excavations. We may also visit the Hebron Museum.

Today Hebron is a center of attention on the Israeli-Palestinian relationship.

A Spiritual day in Tzfat (Safed)

Tzfat – the city of mysticism, Kabbalah and art. Walk trough the old alleyways, visit ancient synagogues that were built and used by important sages. Find out- What is Kabbalah all about?

We will Visit the artist’s colony and see galleries, meet artists, and walk through the one of a kind Tzfat market.

We can also take part in creating the art of Tzfat: blow glass and create clay vessels in art workshops.

Visit the Tzfat cemetery where famous rabbis and sages are buried, among them the holy Arizal, and Rabbi Yosef Caro.

A Day in the Galilee

Today we will go to Nazareth, the home of Jesus, to see the Basilica of the Annunciation. Continue to visit the Church of St. Joseph known as the “Workshop of Joseph”.

Drive to Cana in the Galilee. It is here where it is said Jesus performed his first miracle when he turned water into wine at a wedding feast, and a place inspiring love and relationships.

Then we will drive to Megiddo. Excavations remnants of once-lovely palaces were discovered dating back to the Israelite Kings. In this “city of chariots” you will have a unique opportunity of going down the famous Canaanite shaft to the water tunnel dating back to the year 4000 BC. It is here, according to the revelation of John, the Armageddon – the final Apocalyptic battle between Good and Evil, will take place.

Sites around Jerusalem – Shfela area

Today we will Crawl through the Hiding tunnels of Bar Kochva – Jewish rebel from the second century. Continue to Walk the “hirbet madras” trail, place of the “Judean pyramid”.

We will stop by Tel Azeka – where the famous battle between David and Goliath took place.

Visit Beit Guvrin, remains of a village form the biblical times, that was suddenly abandon. What made the residents leave so quickly? Participate in a real archeological dig to help solve this mystery.

We will visit a remarkable stalactite cave.

Time permitting; you might want to add one or a few of the following: an ATV ride in the Judean hills, horse back riding, a visit to boutique wineries, or a visit to the Deer-land ranch; including the longest zip line in Israel

A day trip to the Gilboa Mountains

The beautiful mountain overlooking the Jezreel valley, witnessed dramatic biblical stories.

Here, Israel’s first monarch, King Saul, met his death. Deborah the prophetess and the young woman, Yael, led the Hebrews to an overwhelming and unexpected victory.

We will visit a unique ancient 1700 year old synagogue which gives you an idea about how different cultures influence each other in those times.

In the Tel-Amal museum, We will see how the pioneers of the 19th and 20th century were able to hold onto the land against all odds, and turn a neglected and perilous area into blossoming and fertile land. The kids will dress-up as pioneers, and join the group efforts!

We may visit a museum of archeology or for children – visit the kangaroo park and enjoy feeding the kangaroos.

We will end the day with a swim in the largest and most beautiful natural pool – at Sachne.

Hike in the desert and hills of Eilat

Through the desert, treks ranging from 1 to 4 days, in the pristine surroundings, far from civilization. The serenity of the desert, a chance for introspection as you walk along under a canopy of the moon and stars, in an enchanting atmosphere. For those who do not shrink away from a challenge, who appreciate tranquility and quality time with friends or family. This is an opportunity to take a break from the noise and clamor of modern life. Especially suitable for birthdays, anniversaries, or even a romantic backdrop for a proposal of marriage…

Options available: camel riding, star gazing, unanticipated desert meals, workshops in meditation and more.

We will end our hike in the modern, exciting, recreational town of Eilat, where we will scuba dive or snorkel in the Red Sea, and relax on the beautiful exotic beaches.