How to Get Around During Your Israel Trip

How to Get Around During Your Israel Trip

Tel Aviv Tour, Night Tel Aviv, Skyline

Nighttime Tel Aviv Skyline (Wiki: Gilad Avidan, CC-BY-SA-3.0)

What are the Options

You’ll probably want to use a combination of ways to get around during your trip, both for convenience and cost. The possibilities include public transportation, taxis/cabs, hired cars with drivers, a guide who will transport you in their vehicle, or renting a car. Each method has it’s pluses and minuses. We’ll go through some of them here.

Public Transportation and Taxis/Cabs

Both of these are only really efficient for short jaunts within cities. If you are spending a day in Jerusalem and just want to get from one part of the city to another a few times, you should utilize one of these methods. Riding the buses are obviously cheaper but require you to figure out where the lines go, payment, getting off at the right stop, etc. Unless you’re a very adventurous tourist, you’re probably better off going with a cab ride.

Hired Cars

If you’re going a significant distance, such as from the airport to Haifa, or between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, it may pay to hire a car service. These are much nicer and more customer service oriented than cabs, and are competitively priced with cabs for longer drives.

Israeli Tour Guide - Elad Tzur

Israeli Tour Guide – Elad Tzur

Guide with Vehicle

This is by far the best way to get around when you really want to tour the country and see as much as possible. You get picked up and dropped off where you need, when you need, and all the hops, skips and jumps of your itinerary are included along with the guide who will make arrangements and get you there on time. Even if you plan to spend most of your trip hanging around a certain area, without need for a guide or transportation, you may want to hire one for a day or two. Talk with us at InSite Israel tours to help you figure out how to make the best use of your time and money.

Renting a Car

This can be a good way to bring down the cost if you’ll be moving around a lot. It’s cheaper than a hired car, and having a tour guide ride along can be cheaper than hiring a guide with a vehicle. There are a few reasons to be wary of this option though. For one, if you are not a very confident driver you may have trouble on the very aggressive and often confusing roads of Israel.

(Pic:  Flickr, Martin, CC 2.0)

(Pic: Flickr, Martin, CC 2.0)

If you decide to drive on your own, most rental agencies can rent you a GPS (if you don’t already have one on your phone) to help you get around. But a word of warning: A GPS is not a guarantee! There’s a well known story about the tourist who trusted his GPS and ended up in the Golan Heights at the Druze town of Massada, a four hour drive away from the famous archeological site by the same name!

Let us Help you Plan

However you decide to get around during your trip, be in touch with us at InSite Israel to help you with anything you need.