Connect to the History of Israel
Connect to Israel's history

Connect to the History of Israel

Connect to Israel's history

Connecting to Israel’s history at an altar from the biblical kingdom of Judea in Tel Be’er Sheva

Connect to the History of Israel

A trip to Israel gives you a chance to gain new levels
of understanding and connection to the history of Israel.

Historical and Biblical Stories Come to Life

Visiting the places where the Bible happened,
can be a unique and inspiring experience.
Follow in the footsteps of King David as he fled
from king Saul and to his capital in Jerusalem.
See where Goliath threatened the Jewish kingdom in the Ella Valley.
Walk where Abraham took his first steps in the holy land,
and where Zionist pioneers turned barren soil into prosperity.
Make these incredible sites, and many more like them
part of your trip to Israel.
But keep in mind to:

Make it Fun! 

Kids (and adults!) often get bored
visiting historical sites.
The same visit can be a life highlight
or an awful day.

The Key to Success is Good Planning.

These are some of the things that can make a great experience in a historical or biblical site:

  • Come with someone that’s a great story teller
  • Get there at the right time of the day
  • Engage children and adults with activities and props

Learning the history of Israel
should be fun and meaningful
and help you feel a pride in your heritage.

We would be happy to help you plan your trip
to make sure you have a great experience
connecting to the history of Israel.