The Holy land Israel
Israel the Holy Land

The Holy land Israel

Israel the Holy Land

Israel the Holy Land

The places where the prophets walked,
where the Bible stories happened.
Sites that will touch your heart,
that will inspire you to connect to something bigger.

Your Trip to the Holy land

Make holiness and spirituality
part of your trip to Israel.
Even if you’re not a believer in ‘holiness’ yourself,
including holy sites in your Israel trip
will help make it a meaningful experience.

How to Experience the Holy Land

Experience the holy land
by visiting places that have a special vibe.

The western wall, where thousands come to pray.
The mystical city of Tzfat, center of Kabbalah.
Places where biblical scenes took place.
Just seeing all the people that come and are moved
is a powerful experience.

You can choose to get involved,
or to remain a spectator.
Either way, this is a powerful experience
Israel can offer you for your trip.

Holy Land? But I’m not religious!

You don’t need to be spiritual or religious
to have an interesting, exciting, inspiring,
or even life changing experience at a holy site.

The place, the vibe, the people around
create something completely unique.

I don’t like the way the holy sites are handled.

In Israel, there are many different ways
to approach the holy sites.

Many people, or even most,
would like to see them presented differently
than how they usually are.
But the choices other people make
don’t need to affect you
in how you relate to a place.

If something bothers you
that means that you care about it.

And if you do care about the site,
then it can be made a meaningful place for you.

Guiding a Trip to the Holy Land, Israel

The experience at a holy site in Israel usually
depends on the guide you are with.

A good guide will bring history to life.
A good guide will make you feel comfortable,
even if it’s outside your usual comfort zone.
A good guide will be able to get people engaged,
no matter their ages and backgrounds.

A good guide can make the difference
between a boring, unpleasant visit,
and a life changing experience.
And a good guide is not a matter of luck.
Just a bit of research and a video chat
before you land in the holy land
is all it takes to find a good fit.

For our trips to Israel we like to make sure
not only that we work with great guides,
but also that they match your personality.
That’s why we make a point of you and your guide
getting to know each other before you meet
in the Holy Land of Israel.