Israel’s Mediterranean Coast Day Tour
Winery in Zichron Yaakov (Wiki: CC-BY 2.5, Zobacz Zasady)

Israel’s Mediterranean Coast Day Tour

The Coast

caesarea, day tour, hippodrome

Roman Hippodrome (for horse races) at Caesarea (Wiki: Chmee2, CC-BY-3.0

Romans, Crusaders and Zionists in the Holy Land

Driving up Israel’s coast from Tel Aviv you will see Caesaria, a man-made harbor and wonder of the ancient world, taste wine at one of Israel’s oldest and greatest wineries,
see the castles and ruins of crusaders and the modern tomb of Edmund Rothschild, one of Israel’s great, early benefactors. There are also crusader castles, great food and fun beaches along the way. Be in touch today and we’ll plan the perfect day for you.

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