Elad Tzur Israel Guide

Elad Tzur Israel Guide

How did I get involved in Israel tourism?

Israeli Tour Guide - Elad Tzur

Israeli Tour Guide – Elad Tzur

I grew up in Israel in an English speaking household.
My mother moved from the US to Israel
and my family is a melting pot of nations and cultures.
We call this an ‘Israeli mosaic.’

 I used to work as a teacher in school, and I would ask myself:

Why do my students (and sometimes myself) think that history is boring?
How can I teach Israeli history in an engaging, exciting way?
How can I make talking about Jewish heritage fun and relevant?
How can a histrorical site or story give you a sense
of belonging to something bigger than yourself?
These questions guided my way as a teacher.
I created lessons that were engaging, relevant and entertaining.
I believe that this is the way to teach Israel’s history and heritage,
and that’s what attracted me to Israel toursim.
This is what can turn a vacation or a celebration in Israel
into a life changing experience.

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