Jerusalem: Ir Hakodesh
Weaving a tallit in the Old City, Flickr User israeltourism

Jerusalem: Ir Hakodesh

Yerushalayim Shel Matah

Jerusalem Ir Hakodesh

The Western Wall

On this day of deep exploration and learning you will see stones laid in the days of the Nevi’im, and hear their voices call to you through thousands of years of history.

The day will start in the City of David, where you’ll see the place of David’s Palace and walk through the water system built by Hizkiyahu.

City of David Millo Wall Palace

Part of David’s Palace at the City of David (Wiki: Yoav Dothan)

You will see the streets where humble Jews would stop to buy a korban on aliyah l’regel, and touch the massive stone tossed down by the conquering Romans, where the ba’al tokea would announce the coming of Shabbat.

You’ll see the Temple institute, where they are building keilim for Bayit Shlishi and advocating for Jewish rights on Har Habayit.

You will bear witness to the prophecy of Zecharyah when you see children playing in the streets, in our ancient and eternal capital.

Your time here is more precious than gold and availability is sometimes limited. Please contact us today.