Jerusalem Tours

Jerusalem Tours

All you need to know to about Jerusalem tours

A tour of Jerusalem will turn your stay in the city to be meaningful and memorable.

Jerusalem tours can be in many ways and styles. there are private tours and group tours; general tours, or Jewish muslim or christian jerusalem tours; Private or group tours; tours to Jerusalem with children or without; and many other options.

Jerusalem has great things to offer to any kind of group. as long as you create the right experience.


Common mistakes people do planning a tour in Jerusalem

  1.  People book a tour without knowing what exactly will be on the tour.
  2. People go without a guide. They don’t know they are missing the exciting and interesting part of the tour.
  3. People go with poor guiding. Guides that speak poor english or that are just boring, or interested in shops.
  4. People go to places on the wring timing.

Guides for Jerusalem tours

Having a guide to take you around is highly recommended for a tour of Jerusalem.

when you travel in Jerusalem you will see many archaeological sites. You will see many remains of great civilizations which effected the world’s culture. A good tour guide is necessary to understand what you are seeing, and to bring life to the ancient remains.

Where to go in your Jerusalem tour

there are many places to go to in Jerusalem. Here are some of Jerusalem’s highlights:

  1.  City of David
  2. Western wall (wailing wall)
  3. Israel museum
  4. The old city
  5. Mout of Olives
  6. Machane Yehuda Market (the Shuk)
  7. Western wall tunnels
  8. Yad va’Shem Holocaust museum
  9. Mount Hertzel Mount of memory (with guiding)
  10. Davidson center – southern excavations. and much more…

And there is also a lot to see around Jerusalem.


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