Judean Desert Day Tour
Nahal Prat, where the prophet Jeremiah prophecied (Wiki: Ester Inbar )

Judean Desert Day Tour

Nissim, Niflaot, u’Nevuah B’midbar

Judean Desert Day Tour

Judean Desert with Sternbergia (Chelmonit)

Why was the Torah given in the midbar? Why is the desert associated with prophecy?

In less than an hour’s drive from Jerusalem you will see where Yirmiyahu prophecied. You’ll see where Am Yisrael crossed the Yarden and where the walls of Yericho crumbled by the strength of Yad Hashem.

Judean Desert Day Tour

Yericho / Jericho (Flickr Seetheholyland.net)

This day will take you on a journey: from the home of Yirmiyahu at Anatot and the cool, flowing waters of Nahal Pratt, to Qasr al Yahud, the most likely place for the crossing of the Yarden by Am Yisrael.

In between you will overlook Yericho, ride camels and enjoy hospitality from Abraham and his servant Eliezer at Eretz Bereishit.

Experience Tanach with your senses, and feel Hashem’s presence in the desert.

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