Judean Lowlands (Shefela) Day Tour
Ella Valley, Near Srigim Brewery (Wikimedia: Plegadis)

Judean Lowlands (Shefela) Day Tour

The Judean Lowlands (Shefela)

Ella Valley, emek haela, flowers, srigim brewery

Ella Valley, Near Srigim Brewery (Wikimedia: Plegadis)

This stunningly beautiful area of the country is rich with rolling hills, flowering meadows and towering pine forests. The Judean Lowlands, conveniently located midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, is also home to numerous Biblical, archeological sites, and sites of importance to modern Zionist history. Some of the sites you may visit on your trip to this area are:

The Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum

Latrun, judean lowlands, day tour

Tanks at the Armored Corps Museum in Latrun (PikiWiki: Avishai Teicher)

See one of the world largest collections of tanks. Explore these monsters of the battle-field inside and out. This is a favorite spot for pictures.

David and Goliath in the Ella Valley

The Ella Valley is where the fight between David and Goliath took place. Hear the biblical story overlooking the actual site of the battle. The experience will be enlivened with costumes and games to be fun for all ages.

Beit Guvrin, dig for a day, judean lowlands, shefela, day tour

Exploring the Caves in Bet Guvrin-Maresha National Park. Photo by James Foo

Be Part of an Active Archaeological Dig in Beit Guvrin

You will be part of an active archaeological dig in this ancient, underground city. You will be taken to a dig site and given a trowel to start digging. You may uncover artifacts that will later be put on display at the Israel Museum! It’s an experience that creates a connection to the land and its history, in a fun and active way.

Bar Kochva Tunnels

Crawl in the secret tunnel system dug by the Jewish rebels in 135CE. From these caves, the rebels lead by Bar Kochva took on the mighty Roman empire and, despite their ultimate defeat, withstood a prolonged siege by the superpower of the day.

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