Tel Aviv Tour
Tel Aviv Beaches (Wiki: CC-BY-SA-1.0)

Tel Aviv Tour

One Day or Two Day Tel Aviv Tour

Tel Aviv Tour, Street Art

Having fun with Tel Aviv street art.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the urban center of modern Israel. With an ancient heart at Jaffa going back millenia, Tel Aviv is now the center of Israel’s vibrant, international culture. It’s full of fun 24 hours a day, as well as history and high culture. No trip to Israel is complete without a visit.

Jaffa: Tel Aviv’s Ancient Heart

Jaffa, Tel Aviv Tour

The Old City of Jaffa (Wiki: Eitan f, CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Start the day in Jaffa, the ‘Old City’ of Tel Aviv. Jaffa is the setting for captivating stories about an Egyptian Pharaoh, Jonah the prophet, Andromeda, Napoleon, St. Peter and many more. Visit St. Peter’s church, where Christianity became open to the membership of gentiles. Walk through magical alleyways, and visit many unique art galleries and intallations.

The Flea Market

Just outside the gates of the Old City of Jaffa is the flea market. This collection of street vendors and sidewalk shops sells everything from antique, Turkish samovars to half used spools of thread. It’s a Tel Aviv institution.

New Tel Aviv

Independence Hall (Wiki: Deror Avi

Independence Hall (Wiki: Deror Avi

Independence Hall

In down town Tel-Aviv, on the main boulevard sits an old mansion, known today as Independence HallThis is where Israel was declared a state and the declaration of independence was signed in 1948. Today you can come and relive the magic of that moment when the Zionist dream was realized.

Tel Aviv Museums

Israel is home to more museums per person than any other country, and Tel Aviv is the museum capital of Israel. The Modern Art Museum, Palmach Museum, Jewish Diaspora Museum, Children’s Museum, Bullet Factory Museum, and many more small museums make their home here. Tel Aviv is a cultural smorgasbord. Come take a taste!

Just for Fun

Tel Aviv tour, Tel aviv beach

Tel Aviv Beaches (Wiki: CC-BY-SA-1.0)


Tel Aviv is famously a fun city. Young Israelis flock to the city for it’s beautiful beaches and lively boardwalk. Bring a bathing suit and enjoy some of the best beaches in the country, right here in the heart of the big city.

Night Life and Shows

Tel Aviv Tour, Night Tel Aviv, Skyline

Nighttime Tel Aviv Skyline (Wiki: Gilad Avidan, CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Tel Aviv is also home to a vibrant night life scene and many cultural events from symphonies to rock shows, to a theatre for the blind and much, much more. Plan to spend a night in Tel Aviv during or after your tour with us and we’ll help you decide what to see and where to explore, get you tickets, etc.

A One Day or Two Day Tel Aviv Tour?

There’s so much to do and see in a Tel Aviv tour, you may want to make your day trip a two day trip. Contact us and we’ll help you figure out how to do everything you want to do in Israel’s metropolis.

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