Tzfat and Surroundings B’darchei Ha-Tzaddikim
A Blue Doorway in Safed/Tzfat (Flickr: IsraelTourism)

Tzfat and Surroundings B’darchei Ha-Tzaddikim

Tzaddikim, Kevarot and Living Legacy

Tzfat and Surroundings B’darchei Ha-Tzaddikim

Safed View, Flickr User gebuehren-scout

The spirit of the Ari and the Baalei Kabbalah hovers over Tzfat like the cloud of glory. Walking it’s alleys between blue painted doors you can’t help but be caught up in it.

On this day you will visit the graves of the Ari, Rav Cordovero, and others in Tzfat as well as Rashbi in Meron, and you’ll be able to use the Ari’s mikveh.

You will also see the Ari synagogue where Lecha Dodi was

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Abuhav Synagogue in Tzfat/Safed (Flickr: IsraelTourism)

first sung and other synagogues where the Tzadikkim and their followers learned and prayed.

You will have the opportunity to see and buy intricately woven havdalah candles at the Tzfat Candle Factory.

You can try your hand at sofrut at Otzar Ha-Stam where you can see how tefillin and mezuzot are made.

This will be an exploration of how Tzaddikim brought the holiness of their learning down into the world, and how we are all enriched by it every day.

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